Changing Lives Since 2000


Since 2000, our contributions have made an impact on the lives of people from all over the world. Our Student Scholarship was a huge success, and has allowed our recipients to strengthen and expand their outreach. We believe that this is an important and worthy cause, and we are honored to lend a helping hand.

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For many years, our contributions have impacted the lives of people from all over the world. Our Federal Grant is one of its kind, and has continuously changed the lives of those who have benefited from our support. We stay in close contact with all the recipients of our grants, and have seen unbelievable success stories that have come from these fine individuals.



At Carlin Lynch Scholarship Fund, we provide a wide range of individuals and organizations alike the chance to improve their lives through our contributions. Our Research Grant is a great representation of how much we care about giving back to the global community. All of our efforts go towards helping those in need — and our recipients benefit from the support they receive.

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